Translating Nature Into Art

Hi there! I'm Ariana. My idea of happiness is doing what I love- painting, paper crafting, photography, sculpting clay, and gardening. Since I was a little girl, art has been a huge part of my life. For me, inspiration is found primarily in nature surrounding us. An idea might spark when hearing drops on the window during a rainy day. Sometimes the vibrant colors of petals are all I'll need to start a new project. My creative process works this way- inhale an organic part of nature whether it be a sunset, or a butterfly, or a leaf, and exhale something thoughtfully transformed that highlights what I find beautiful about that thing. 'Brush' because that is the tool that beautifies a blank canvas. It creates. And 'Blossom' because of the feeling I get when a new flower opens up. Flower buds open up constantly, yet it's still exciting to see the uniquness of that new one. In a silly way I feel like I can kind relate to that. As an artist/maker I constantly have to not be afraid to open up. Try something outside of the box, be different, put myself out there. Allow myself to grow and to learn. My husband, Shawn, and I live in a beautiful town among many trees and little coffee shops. Our nest is home to a couple guitars, a few dozen paintbrushes, an endless supply of coffee, an adorable pet rabbit named Lola, and playful little kitty named Palmer. He being a musician, and I an artist, we believe that expressing yourself personally through your passion, is very important! We are very thankful to those who support local and small businesses, so thank you so much for visiting my little shop! Read More

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